Mienta is a leading brand of electric household appliances with a range that includes food preparation, home care, linen care and personal care. It is your light-hearted trusted friend who steps in to help you find something to enjoy in even the most tedious chores. It’s easy to use and won’t ever overwhelm you with complicated features that have no practical use. Its French heritage also means that its chic exterior is matched with top of the line technology and guaranteed durability.

Bouri Group is the sole agent and distributor of Mienta and certified service center for all its products in Egypt.

Mienta’s Philosophy

What would life be without Play?
Life shouldn’t be a chore. Chores are just a part of life but then again so is play. So work hard but play harder because the best thing you can offer your loved ones is the best of you.

2 years warranty*

We stand by our word. Our warranty means that you don’t have to worry about something going wrong when you buy a Mienta product. But in the rare case that something should go wrong, we'll be there to fix it or replace it. Anything to keep you happy! You won't have to look very far because we have over 24 service centers across the country.